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No more excuses!

About 10 days ago, I attended my Tao Tree Meditation group…the topic for the night was: What is meditation? ¬†Although that is a fantastic question, that is a topic for another day. What impacted me the most was when we talked about making excuses. I can’t do that because I am too tired, or I have a bad knee, or I am too busy, etc, etc. ¬†Master Kuam asked us……if someone was coming at you with a knife, trying to kill you……would you say “I am sorry but I am too tired to be killed today, can you try again tomorrow?”…. sounds rather silly, of course we wouldn’t. No matter how we were feeling, we would find the energy we needed to defend ourself…and we would do it with everything we have. So…if you can find the energy or time to save yourself…then why can’t you find the energy or time to do the other things in your life. If your kids want you to play with them(or whatever might be coming your way), then look inside yourself, and find that energy, motivation, make the time, etc…..and use it. And when you choose to do something, put 100% of your attention, and 100% of your energy into it. Now when I am faced with a choice I ask myself……would that be a good enough excuse to stop someone who’s trying to kill me (of course the answer is no)……then why am I using it as an excuse to stop me now.