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Why Do You Want What You Want?

I love the Law of Attraction, the more I learn about how to use it, the more wonderful the results I get. But, yet, there are still a few areas of my life, that no matter how hard I try to apply the Law of Attraction…I can’t seem to get any results.

Recently I saw a video clip somewhere that asked a very simple but profound question.

Why do I want…. ( in my case it was more money)?

This got me to thinking…. before anyone uses the Law of Attraction, they should always ask themselves why do I want that.

If you want more money to pay off debt… chances are, your focus is on debt…so you will just get more debt. If you want a relationship because you are lonely… then your focus is on being lonely.

In life coaching, we often encourage our client to focus on what they are moving towards, instead of what they are moving away from. Instead of debt, maybe focus on financial security. Instead of focusing on moving away from loneliness, focus on finding ways to feel you belong, or ways to have fun.

And maybe, on the odd occasion, you may just find that, you don’t really want what you were asking for.

Even if you aren’t a believer in the Law of Attraction, asking yourself why you want what you want, is always a good starting step in reaching your goals.


Your Daily Dose of Motivation


This is one saying I remind myself of frequently. I often have fleeting bouts of motivation. If you are like me, then you may need to take a daily dose of motivation too…just like you take your vitamins.

I personally look for anything I find motivating, and then add it to my Facebook page

Recently, I also started a My Motivation board on Pinterest ( ).

This way when ever I need a dose of motivation I have it ready and waiting for me.

If anyone can recommend any other ways to get a daily does of motivation, please leave a comment!

What is Your Best 1 percent ?

I often hear people say that one person can’t change the world. Or maybe you are like me, and find a goal like changing the world too big… too daunting. I found a wonderful inspiration for this, from an unexpected source.

I was watching The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D earlier today, and the conversation went something like this:

C1: Well, I don’t have the solution.

C2: Neither do I, but if 100 people have 1% of the answer…then we have the solution.

That got me thinking… maybe one person can’t change the world… but if everybody did their best to make their piece of the world a better place…. then maybe we can change the world.

You just have to ask yourself…. am I giving my best 1% ?

Off-track again???

I am a person who frequently beats myself up, for being off-track…again! I set goals for myself, and somehow on the way to reaching them, I find myself off in the woods (metaphorically speaking).

I have been “off-track” since last January. Within the past few weeks, I found myself to be back on-track…again….out of the blue.  I do know, in the time since January, I have certainly learnt many lessons…. lessons that are going to be a great help to me now that I am on-track again.

So the question is, was I ever really off-track? Or maybe…I just took a detour, or even the scenic route.

I think when trying to reach a goal, too many people beat themselves up. They are so busy keeping their eyes firmly on the goal and running for it full tilt, that they miss the value of the journey around them.

So if you are finding yourself off-track again…take a minute to look around. Maybe there is something of value waiting for you where you are. And…stop beating yourself up! See this as just a detour in your journey. You might take a little longer than you would like to get to your goal… but you are still on the way.

What is Trying?

Have you ever heard the expression, “either you do or you don’t, there is no trying”? This expression has always bugged me and I could never  figure out why. Thanks to some recent experiences I finally figured it out . Some one said to me just yesterday… and I am paraphrasing…. what is try, there is no try. You don’t try to get out of a chair, either you do or your don’t. That kind of made sense to me, but then I realized tonight…. as a reasonably healthy young woman with good knees, hips and back… that is really easy for me to say. For me getting out of a chair is simply either I do or I don’t. Then remembered a time when I hurt my back badly. Rolling over in bed was almost impossible, and getting out of a chair was even worse.

To me failing is not when you make an attempt and it doesn’t work, so you try again. To me failing at something, or not succeeding at it, is when you throw in the towel, throw your hands up and just give up and never try again.

Lets re-examine the chair analogy. You have a really bad back, and it restricts some of your movement. You make that effort, get 1/4 of the way to standing up, and your back just won’t stretch. You plunk down in your chair, take a few breaths and then attempt to get up again. You make it to 3/4 of the way this time, but still not quite there. You plunk down again. You haven’t failed yet, because you haven’t given up. Attempt number three, and YAY you make it all the way up. You succeeded!

I spent 5 1/2 years being very depressed, 6+ years with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it took me a very long time to figure out how to succeed at getting better. When someone tells me there is no trying, it is hurtful and feels like they are negating a lot of the efforts and work I put into getting better.( A small piece of advice to the do or don’t ‘ers out there. Be very careful who you say that to. It can be a great motivator for some but something terribly painful for others.)

By now you may be asking yourself, what then is trying? To me trying….. is the state where you haven’t failed, but you are still figuring out the right way to succeed.

In a simple sense they are correct. In the end, either you did it or you didn’t, but all the value of what you did, or realized that you couldn’t do, came from the trying.

I propose a new quote, one that does not negate people’s efforts.

” In the end, either you do, or you don’t. But the most important value and lessons come from being in the state of trying.”

Of course that is a work in progress. I may refine it, or I might leave it the same. Who knows. All I can do is try it, and see if it will be successful for me.

Do Be Do Be Do Be Do

The Quantum Activist poster, I am getting this...

The Quantum Activist poster, I am getting this movie (Photo credit: Alin S)

Do Be Do Be Do Be Do……. my favourite words from Quantum Physicist  Dr. Amit Goswami. Those words come from his documentry  The Quantum Activist which is a fantastic film about bridging the gap between quantum physics and religion/spiritualism. Some people are Do people……always doing things. I like to compare them to race car drivers……foot always on the throttle, always doing something. Then suddenly they stomp on the brake and simply be for just a moment before they hit the throttle and are off again. Then you have the Be people, who are like Sunday drivers. They go along at a slow pace, just simply being, and not doing very much. Heck….. the aren’t even doing the speed limit!

For many years I was a very big Be person. I made a life out of simply exsisting and not doing very much. Now a days I am more of a Do Do Do Be Be Be person. I Do things until I tire myself out, or I simply Be until I start to panic. When I need to keep balance in my life, I like to sit back and imagine myself dancing around my basement singing Do Be Do Be Do Be Do. It is a bit of a silly image, but it lifts my spirits and reminds me to relax and take a break, or that its time to get off my behind and do something again.

I encourage you all to try the practice of Do Be Do Be Do Be Do. Notice I said practice, because it is something that will take time to adjust to. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t do it,  right from the start. If you are a big Do person, and you manage to simply Be, even for just 10 min, then good job!  If you are a big Be person, then try doing something, even if it is as simple as walking to the end of the driveway. Don’t get discouraged that you couldn’t do it long term, pat yourself on the back, and congratulate yourself for having the courage to try! It is like my Yoga Master says when we are holding the sleeping tiger position….. if you can hold this position for just 10 seconds more than you did yesterday….. then you have made progress. Try the Do Be Do Be Do Be Do practice…… for 10 seconds, 10 min, an hour, a day or a week…..whatever is an attainable goal for you. Then, everyday, or week, try and do it for just a little bit longer. Everyday you will improve, and before you know it, you will be living a more balanced life.