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Graceful Apologies

One of the greatest lessons in life is learning to admit when you are wrong…. and apologizing with grace for your mistake. When starting this blog I made a mistake….I assumed something I shouldn’t have. I am taking Tao Tree Meditation classes, and I am also studying the Tao te Ching. I assumed since both had Tao in the name and both are about how to live an enlightened life…that one was based off the other. I was wrong. My sincerest apologies go out to Master Kuam, for my assumption. The “about me” page on my blog has been changed to correct this mistake. It now reads…

Currently I am taking ChunHwa Yoga classes ( sometimes also called Dahn Yoga) and taking Tao Tree Meditation classes as taught by Master Kuam at the ChunHwa Training Center. I am also studying the Tao Te Ching an ancient Chinese text written by Lao-tzu ( as translated in the book  Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao).


Life’s Re-lessons

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Often time life sends us lessons that we forget and we need to learn over and over. Today was one of those lessons for me. Just a few weeks ago I learned about looking within myself instead of always looking outside. That there is no need to compete with others for our well-being. Our well-being is something that can only come from within ourselves. Today I forgot that lesson, I forgot the importance of going at my own pace. I was too focused of what was going on on the outside. We were doing rolling back exercises in Yoga… and I was a couple of repetitions behind. I tried to do my exercises quickly to get caught up, instead of going at my own pace…….the result…… 1 strained trapezius muscle. I was only able to do 2 of the exercises, and when I go to the gym tomorrow I will have to go light on the weights……..if I am able to go at all. In my attempt to keep up with the group I have put my own well-being behind. I need to remember, that my well-being is within me….I do not need compete, or keep up with anyone else to achieve it. Taking care of my body is much more important than a number.

Lessons in Life….Learning to Exhale

Lately life has been throwing me many valuable life lessons at a very fast rate, too many for me to remember them all. I decided to write this blog to keep a record of all the lessons I am learning. But why a blog, you might ask….. last week at my Tao Meditation class we learned the value of teaching or sharing our lessons with others. If a person only inhales they cannot survive……go ahead try and inhale as long as you absolutely can. You cannot keep inhaling forever, eventually you have to exhale. Inhaling is like learning, you are brining something in…exhaling is like teaching/sharing… you are sending something out. You cannot inhale forever, nor can you exhale forever…it is the balance of the two that makes us thrive. So, as you can see, my blog is twofold, one to keep a record of all the lessons I learn, and two, to share them with others so they might learn something too. I have always been of the belief that if you learn something and  it feels right for you, keep that lesson, and if it isn’t right for you, simply leave it behind and move on. I am not a preacher or an enlightened master, take what you like from my blog, and if it is not right for you, I hope you find the lessons you are searching for.