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Your Daily Dose of Motivation


This is one saying I remind myself of frequently. I often have fleeting bouts of motivation. If you are like me, then you may need to take a daily dose of motivation too…just like you take your vitamins.

I personally look for anything I find motivating, and then add it to my Facebook page

Recently, I also started a My Motivation board on Pinterest ( ).

This way when ever I need a dose of motivation I have it ready and waiting for me.

If anyone can recommend any other ways to get a daily does of motivation, please leave a comment!


1 Weird Tip for Insomnia

I have occasionally been subject to bouts of insomnia over the years. I have something that I do, that works 80% of the time for me, but I have never heard of anyone else doing it, so I figured I would share it here in hopes it might help someone else.

Sleep the opposite way around in your bed.

Go to bed normally and if you can’t sleep, put your pillow at the foot of your bed and adjust your bedding accordingly. It will still take you about 10 or 20 min to fall asleep.

I have no idea why it works…if anyone has any insights I would love to hear.

Happy sleeping everyone!

Fraud Alert

I am here to let the whole world know…..that I am a fraud! And saying that completely empowers me. These past few weeks I have been reading a book called Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can by Caroline Myss*. For quite sometime now I have been feeling that I was not being true, or authentic. I would read spiritual and self-help books, go to work shops, buy stones and crystals, watch documentaries  and wonder why in the hell none of this stuff would work for me. Maybe little changes would happen but not anything drastic. While reading the above mentioned book I came to several conclusions.

1) I am a fraud. I thought I knew my true self. I thought I was a spiritual person. I thought I was mostly healed. The truth, I am still just a terrified little girl. I had done such a great job of convincing, that I even had myself fooled.

2)I hold onto my wounds because I think that without them, there will no longer be anything special about me. Also, if I get rid of them, then I have to behave like a grown up… and actually have to deal with people’s expectations. Also I would actually have to become responsible…. and if I am responsible then I may screw up and let somebody down.

3)That buying the stones, or reading the books…etc. would change me. I was expecting the tools to do all the work for me instead of them helping me do the work myself.

For a long time I would use the excuse that me and meditation don’t get along. The truth is that I didn’t want to be alone with my mind, because I didn’t want to see the truth. I go to the gym, but never commit to an exercise plan because then I may become healthy. I would read self-help and spiritual books, and do the work in my mind, but never actually do the work because I didn’t want to get better.

Being depressed was one of the scariest times of my life, and I never want to go back there, so I  do just enough work on myself to get myself to ok. But, I would never do enough to be great, because being great was just as scary as being depressed. Some people yo-yo diet…well I yo-yo self-help myself…. do work on myself until I just started to feel great. Then…uh-ohs……. can’t be great, have to stop and go back to sitting on the computer all day. Then I would sit around and do pretty much nothing until I started to feel depression starting to set in. Then it would be …..uh-ohs….. can’t be depressed, got to get up and do something. I bounce back and forth between the two endlessly.

Now that I have admitted to myself that I am a fraud, I feel this tremendous weight lifted off of me, like I can finally breathe again. Now that I know what is truly inside of me, I feel that I can take the steps needed to  a genuine authentic life. I am finally no longer afraid to walk my talk.

*To the best of my recollection, Caroline Myss does not actually call people frauds in her book. That is just my own personal conclusion about me.

Life’s Re-lessons

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Often time life sends us lessons that we forget and we need to learn over and over. Today was one of those lessons for me. Just a few weeks ago I learned about looking within myself instead of always looking outside. That there is no need to compete with others for our well-being. Our well-being is something that can only come from within ourselves. Today I forgot that lesson, I forgot the importance of going at my own pace. I was too focused of what was going on on the outside. We were doing rolling back exercises in Yoga… and I was a couple of repetitions behind. I tried to do my exercises quickly to get caught up, instead of going at my own pace…….the result…… 1 strained trapezius muscle. I was only able to do 2 of the exercises, and when I go to the gym tomorrow I will have to go light on the weights……..if I am able to go at all. In my attempt to keep up with the group I have put my own well-being behind. I need to remember, that my well-being is within me….I do not need compete, or keep up with anyone else to achieve it. Taking care of my body is much more important than a number.

Lessons in Life….Learning to Exhale

Lately life has been throwing me many valuable life lessons at a very fast rate, too many for me to remember them all. I decided to write this blog to keep a record of all the lessons I am learning. But why a blog, you might ask….. last week at my Tao Meditation class we learned the value of teaching or sharing our lessons with others. If a person only inhales they cannot survive……go ahead try and inhale as long as you absolutely can. You cannot keep inhaling forever, eventually you have to exhale. Inhaling is like learning, you are brining something in…exhaling is like teaching/sharing… you are sending something out. You cannot inhale forever, nor can you exhale forever…it is the balance of the two that makes us thrive. So, as you can see, my blog is twofold, one to keep a record of all the lessons I learn, and two, to share them with others so they might learn something too. I have always been of the belief that if you learn something and  it feels right for you, keep that lesson, and if it isn’t right for you, simply leave it behind and move on. I am not a preacher or an enlightened master, take what you like from my blog, and if it is not right for you, I hope you find the lessons you are searching for.