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Life’s Re-lessons

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Often time life sends us lessons that we forget and we need to learn over and over. Today was one of those lessons for me. Just a few weeks ago I learned about looking within myself instead of always looking outside. That there is no need to compete with others for our well-being. Our well-being is something that can only come from within ourselves. Today I forgot that lesson, I forgot the importance of going at my own pace. I was too focused of what was going on on the outside. We were doing rolling back exercises in Yoga… and I was a couple of repetitions behind. I tried to do my exercises quickly to get caught up, instead of going at my own pace…….the result…… 1 strained trapezius muscle. I was only able to do 2 of the exercises, and when I go to the gym tomorrow I will have to go light on the weights……..if I am able to go at all. In my attempt to keep up with the group I have put my own well-being behind. I need to remember, that my well-being is within me….I do not need compete, or keep up with anyone else to achieve it. Taking care of my body is much more important than a number.