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Stop Looking and Just Swim!

I had a very inspiration dream the other night. I have always been a person who takes a few baby steps in life and then stops to look, to make sure I have made progress. The problem with looking every few steps, is that often, where you are isn’t that much different than where you were the last time you looked. I would panic…..oh my god my life is stagnating again!….. and I would get discouraged and depressed. Here is the dream I had the other night:

I was swimming in a lake…. I was trying to reach and island that was in the middle of the lake. I was doing to back stroke, and I would keep rolling over to make sure I was going the right way. Every time I would stop to look where I was going, the current would start pushing me backwards. I would start my back stroke again, and again I would stop to look. I wasn’t making much progress, and I was getting quite tired. All of a sudden there was this loud booming voice that said……STOP LOOKING AND JUST SWIM! Have faith that you are going to right way and just swim. So I just swam and had faith I was going to right way, and I did end up reaching the island safely.

The moral of the story….. it is okay to monitor your progress, but to be obsessively watching every little step you make to see if you are any further ahead, can be detrimental to your progress. You will tire yourself out, and if you panic , may even metephorically cause you to drown yourself. Relax, enjoy the process….. you will get there in your own time.