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Deadly Perfection

I recently was thinking about a dream I had a while ago, that had a very profound lesson for me. I thought it would be good to share that lesson with others.

I was part of a group of scientists that were doing genetic engineering. We were taking people’s genetic codes, tweaking it so it was more perfect, growing them new bodies and then transferring their minds to their new bodies. The first time we tried it, the results went well, but then we tweaked even more, so that the genes were as perfect as we could get them, and then again transferred their minds to their new bodies. The second time round, went terribly wrong. Me and the other scientists got called in, ¬†in the middle of the night, because all of the subjects had gone mad. Subject 1 and 2 (both male) had gone on a violent spree, killing anyone they found, and destroying anything they could. Subject 3 (also male) had reverted to a school boy state, and was quite enamoured with me, like ¬†school boy to his teacher. The only problem was, he had the temper of a child, but the strength of a perfect adult male body. I managed to convince him to stay where he was, and we kept looking. We found subject 4 (female). Subject 4 had the ideal female body, beautiful as a supermodel, everything women want to be, but when we found her, she had mutilated herself (specifically the female parts). It turns out she was transgendered… she did’t want to be the perfect female, but the perfect male. Most of the other subjects had been killed by 1 and 2…as I continued to look for survivors, the dream began to fade, and I was left with one profound thought……… The human mind cannot survive inside a perfect body, so why bother to try and be perfect.