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Who Am I?

Just this past Friday I had an appointment with my life coach and our discussion has led to some interesting discoveries. We were talking about energetic shielding (how to shield yourself from other people’s energy), and I said that I didn’t like doing that. After 33 years of being very sensitive to others moods and having a strong intuition, I felt like I was cutting off one of my senses. She invited me to explore the possibility that after all these years of others influence, that for the first time, I was truly alone with myself. Also, that I should explore who I am without the influence of others.

At first this was a truly daunting task; without the influence of others, I am nothing (or at least that’s how it felt in there). Then I came to realize that without all those experiences with others, I would be nothing. Life is all about learning and interacting with others. This made me happier and I was fine with that for a few days.

Tonight as I was trying to fall asleep, I came to a very profound conclusion. I realized that yes my past helped shape who I am…. but only if I choose to let it. Who I am, is who I choose to be in this very moment. I choose if my past experiences influence my present in positive or negative ways. I choose how I act towards others. If I am being irritated by someone because they are doing “enter whatever here” AGAIN, that is because I am choosing to let it. I could also choose to view the same situation in a calm way.

I leave for you a few beautiful lyrics from a great song, as you think about who you choose to be.

We should think about,
what we got right now,
cause the good things are made up of time.
Smile to your problems,
leave the past behind.
Never forget this.
Find the truth in your soul,
keeping you alive.
Going on from minute to minute.
Don’t shade the future,
with all that’s behind.
Live for today.

Now is Forever – Eiffel 65


Creating Happiness out of Misery

Many times in my life, I have had difficulty finding happiness. I would obsess about all the bad things, or all the things going wrong. I have studied the Law of Attraction, and I knew to change things, I had to change how I thought and how I felt, but, I just couldn’t seem to be able to create happiness and gratitude when my life sucked so bad. Today I had an epiphany.  I have been living my life in a state, where I was assuming that this crapiness was going to go on forever. I saw no end. But, by believing that it wouldn’t end, I was reinforcing exactly what I didn’t want. The reality is…that there is an end. Life is all about change. Life changes wether we want it to or not, and it does so pretty quickly. So, whatever it is that you are going through, the end is coming. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I think something is endless, I tend to hunker down and just bear it. When I know the end is coming near, that’s when I raise up my head, breathe, and look around. I begin to feel hopeful about what new beginning might be coming.

I am here today to tell you, that the end is coming, wether you see it or not, it is coming. Nothing, and I mean nothing in life lasts forever. Whatever you are going through is just another temporary situation put in your life to help you grow on your journey  Now here’s the big question. The pressure of endlessness has been removed from your shoulders. When this door closes, and a new one opens…do you want more bad stuff….or do you want something wonderful? You create your future with what you are thinking and feeling right now. For me, I chose the wonderful, and just knowing that there is an end, and I have decided that I am going to have something wonderful come…is enough to make me happy. Yes, there are still things in my life that aren’t great and are hard to cope with, but I choose to look at them in a positive way, and I am grateful to have these difficult situations because they are going to help me grow.

What do you choose?

No more excuses!

About 10 days ago, I attended my Tao Tree Meditation group…the topic for the night was: What is meditation?  Although that is a fantastic question, that is a topic for another day. What impacted me the most was when we talked about making excuses. I can’t do that because I am too tired, or I have a bad knee, or I am too busy, etc, etc.  Master Kuam asked us……if someone was coming at you with a knife, trying to kill you……would you say “I am sorry but I am too tired to be killed today, can you try again tomorrow?”…. sounds rather silly, of course we wouldn’t. No matter how we were feeling, we would find the energy we needed to defend ourself…and we would do it with everything we have. So…if you can find the energy or time to save yourself…then why can’t you find the energy or time to do the other things in your life. If your kids want you to play with them(or whatever might be coming your way), then look inside yourself, and find that energy, motivation, make the time, etc…..and use it. And when you choose to do something, put 100% of your attention, and 100% of your energy into it. Now when I am faced with a choice I ask myself……would that be a good enough excuse to stop someone who’s trying to kill me (of course the answer is no)……then why am I using it as an excuse to stop me now.