Sharing life's lessons.

About Me

I could give you my life story, but that would probably be a long and boring read…as I blog you can learn more about my past, my struggles, and my accomplishments. For now I will give a brief description of the main areas where the teachings and learnings I have had, came from. I am a single mother of 3 ( children are such great teachers, they remind us about innocence and gentleness, and so much more), I have a BA in Psychology and am a certified Life Coach. I have seen many profound documentaries/movies, and read many spiritual/self help books…..too many to list.  I don’t follow any religion, book, teaching, or anything else 100%. I always learn what I can, find my truths in those lessons and then leave what I don’t agree with behind. I do believe that all lessons, books, religions, are all true…..just because they aren’t true for me, doesn’t mean they aren’t true for someone else. We must always respect our own inner truths and respect the inner truths of others.

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On a side note, I hope you enjoy my pictures… is a hobby of mine. (just rollover the picture and the pics I took will be marked as such)


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