Sharing life's lessons.

Who Am I?

Just this past Friday I had an appointment with my life coach and our discussion has led to some interesting discoveries. We were talking about energetic shielding (how to shield yourself from other people’s energy), and I said that I didn’t like doing that. After 33 years of being very sensitive to others moods and having a strong intuition, I felt like I was cutting off one of my senses. She invited me to explore the possibility that after all these years of others influence, that for the first time, I was truly alone with myself. Also, that I should explore who I am without the influence of others.

At first this was a truly daunting task; without the influence of others, I am nothing (or at least that’s how it felt in there). Then I came to realize that without all those experiences with others, I would be nothing. Life is all about learning and interacting with others. This made me happier and I was fine with that for a few days.

Tonight as I was trying to fall asleep, I came to a very profound conclusion. I realized that yes my past helped shape who I am…. but only if I choose to let it. Who I am, is who I choose to be in this very moment. I choose if my past experiences influence my present in positive or negative ways. I choose how I act towards others. If I am being irritated by someone because they are doing “enter whatever here” AGAIN, that is because I am choosing to let it. I could also choose to view the same situation in a calm way.

I leave for you a few beautiful lyrics from a great song, as you think about who you choose to be.

We should think about,
what we got right now,
cause the good things are made up of time.
Smile to your problems,
leave the past behind.
Never forget this.
Find the truth in your soul,
keeping you alive.
Going on from minute to minute.
Don’t shade the future,
with all that’s behind.
Live for today.

Now is ForeverĀ – Eiffel 65


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