Sharing life's lessons.

Stuck in a rut again.

I was talking to my Yoga master today, and he asked how my blog was doing. I admited that it was not going well, I have not been inspired to write something in some time. He told me that taking no action won’t lead to no new ideas. I needed to take even just a small action and it will help. So here I am taking a small action.

If you are stuck in a rut too, keep the big picture in mind, but focus on taking that first small action that will shift you ever so slightly out of your rut.  Don’t worry about what actions to take tomorrow, or the next day…. just worry about today’s small action. When you get to tomorrow, then worry about what action to take then. If you take small actions, eventually they will become a little bigger and a little bigger, eventually you will find that you have worked yourself out of your rut.

Tomorrow I may come back and blog again, or maybe not. I will worry about that action tomorrow.


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