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I love the Law of Attraction, the more I learn about how to use it, the more wonderful the results I get. But, yet, there are still a few areas of my life, that no matter how hard I try to apply the Law of Attraction…I can’t seem to get any results.

Recently I saw a video clip somewhere that asked a very simple but profound question.

Why do I want…. ( in my case it was more money)?

This got me to thinking…. before anyone uses the Law of Attraction, they should always ask themselves why do I want that.

If you want more money to pay off debt… chances are, your focus is on debt…so you will just get more debt. If you want a relationship because you are lonely… then your focus is on being lonely.

In life coaching, we often encourage our client to focus on what they are moving towards, instead of what they are moving away from. Instead of debt, maybe focus on financial security. Instead of focusing on moving away from loneliness, focus on finding ways to feel you belong, or ways to have fun.

And maybe, on the odd occasion, you may just find that, you don’t really want what you were asking for.

Even if you aren’t a believer in the Law of Attraction, asking yourself why you want what you want, is always a good starting step in reaching your goals.



This is one saying I remind myself of frequently. I often have fleeting bouts of motivation. If you are like me, then you may need to take a daily dose of motivation too…just like you take your vitamins.

I personally look for anything I find motivating, and then add it to my Facebook page

Recently, I also started a My Motivation board on Pinterest ( ).

This way when ever I need a dose of motivation I have it ready and waiting for me.

If anyone can recommend any other ways to get a daily does of motivation, please leave a comment!

1 Weird Tip for Insomnia

I have occasionally been subject to bouts of insomnia over the years. I have something that I do, that works 80% of the time for me, but I have never heard of anyone else doing it, so I figured I would share it here in hopes it might help someone else.

Sleep the opposite way around in your bed.

Go to bed normally and if you can’t sleep, put your pillow at the foot of your bed and adjust your bedding accordingly. It will still take you about 10 or 20 min to fall asleep.

I have no idea why it works…if anyone has any insights I would love to hear.

Happy sleeping everyone!

I often hear people say that one person can’t change the world. Or maybe you are like me, and find a goal like changing the world too big… too daunting. I found a wonderful inspiration for this, from an unexpected source.

I was watching The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D earlier today, and the conversation went something like this:

C1: Well, I don’t have the solution.

C2: Neither do I, but if 100 people have 1% of the answer…then we have the solution.

That got me thinking… maybe one person can’t change the world… but if everybody did their best to make their piece of the world a better place…. then maybe we can change the world.

You just have to ask yourself…. am I giving my best 1% ?

Every second of every day, you are bombarded with billions upon billions of bits of information.Bridge by Night Some sources say even as high as 400 billion. Out of all these bits of information, your brain can process and interpret a mere…..2,000 bits of information. That means roughly…. there are 399,999,998,000 bits of information you are missing out on every second.

Now…our subconscious absolutely loves when we encounter things that support our already formed beliefs. So, chances are,  the bulk of those 2,000 bits, is information that  support your beliefs.

Maybe you had bossy parents, or a bossy teacher that you didn’t really like. So you developed a belief that bossy people suck. Now your brain will actively look for people who are demonstrating bossy behaviors……. and it drives you nuts! Everywhere you go people are so damn bossy (or loud, rude, annoying, full of themselves, etc.). Why oh why do you always attract annoying bossy people!!!

If you want to be less judgmental, you have to become aware, that chances are, when you are judging people… you are only seeing the bits that already support those judgments.

Here is my challenge to you…think about what is your 2,000 bits…. and ask yourself do you really like what you see. Changing your 2,000 bits can be as simple as deciding that for the next 24 hrs you want to see happy people ( or whatever you want to see), and suddenly you will start seeing happy people. It may take some practice… but be patient with yourself.

Off-track again???

I am a person who frequently beats myself up, for being off-track…again! I set goals for myself, and somehow on the way to reaching them, I find myself off in the woods (metaphorically speaking).

I have been “off-track” since last January. Within the past few weeks, I found myself to be back on-track…again….out of the blue.  I do know, in the time since January, I have certainly learnt many lessons…. lessons that are going to be a great help to me now that I am on-track again.

So the question is, was I ever really off-track? Or maybe…I just took a detour, or even the scenic route.

I think when trying to reach a goal, too many people beat themselves up. They are so busy keeping their eyes firmly on the goal and running for it full tilt, that they miss the value of the journey around them.

So if you are finding yourself off-track again…take a minute to look around. Maybe there is something of value waiting for you where you are. And…stop beating yourself up! See this as just a detour in your journey. You might take a little longer than you would like to get to your goal… but you are still on the way.

Learning to Inhale

Hello everyone. I have used this blog to help me share life’s lesson with other people. One of my most recent lessons, was that I don’t love myself…. at least not us much as I thought I did. The journey into learning to love yourself is huge task on it’s own. Because of this I have started another blog called Learning to Inhale. It is the place where I will share my journey into loving myself…. and hopefully help some other people in their journey’s as well. I hope you all decide to check it out.